365 Pictures - 340 of 365

One thing that has always frustrated me about my digital camera is that it takes really shitty photos in “night” mode. Every time we try to take a photo in a situation with even remotely low light levels, we end up with crap. Until Thursday night, that is. On Thursday, I screwed the camera into a tripod for the first time ever, and voila! The pictures weren’t perfect, by any stretch of the imagination. But they weren’t blurry, and that was a step in the right direction. We’re thinking of taking a family picture ourselves this year, rather than paying someone to do it, and it was crucial that we find something that was going to help us work in our poorly-lit living room.

I’m pretty fond of this pic of Stephanie and Kaylee, though I know I could do better. I am also pretty proud of the fact that I haven’t resorted to a Photo Booth shot for the picture of the day at all this week. It’s been a depressing week in many ways, but these two ladies brighten my days no matter how bleak the time apart from them gets.