365 PIctures - 345 of 365

Tuesday was my first day back at work after a four-day weekend, and it was shittier day than any I’ve had in recent memory. It started out with me forgetting the two videotapes that I needed to teach my class in the morning, continued with me traipsing all across Boston in the hour before class trying to come up with an alternate solution, and ended with me sitting on my bed with a laptop open, trying in vain to find some way of getting the files I’d downloaded from iTunes—electronic copies of the video tapes I’d meant to use in class, copies which didn’t even finish downloading in time for me to use them in class—from my Windows laptop to my iMac. The laptop had been giving me trouble all day long, but I hadn’t expected it to give me a hassle over something as simple as a file transfer. Apparently, though, my two computers don’t like each other very much anymore, and are refusing to communicate the way they once did. To make matters worse, an attempt at burning the files to DVD failed too.