Summer of Speedwrite

Today I was sore. I paid the price for being too ambitious physically during our trip yesterday. It took a toll on me I hadn’t imagined possible. My quadriceps are screaming bloody murder and my calves are threatening to strike. Today I was one sorry-ass piece o’ poop for being as bold as I wanted to be.

We woke up early and took a drive out to Polly’s Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill, NH for breakfast. The food was phenomenal and for a while it made me forget my pain.

The respite was all too brief.

Almost immediately after breakfast talk of the day’s activities began and for me, the most I wanted to do was sit in my tent and read. My legs were agreeing whole-heartedly. There were others in our party who felt almost as tired and beat-up as me, but I think they would have gone along with whatever plans were made. I’m never one to spoil everyone’s plans by being a party-pooper, so I was screwed.

Eventually we settled on a small drive through Littleton, NH to look for the small strip of land my family owns up there, and then a brief trek over to Clark’s Trading Post in Woodstock, NH to check out the gift-shop and the world-famous trained bears. There wasn’t much walking and there was ice-cream as a reward, so my legs beared with us.

After that it was back to the campsite to pack up our crap, eat dinner, and say our goodbyes to those remaining.

All in all, it was a nice vacation, and a nice end to the summer. I feel tired right now as we whip along the road home, but that feeling will pass soon enough and be replaced by warmer feelings of contentment as I look back over what was a pretty good week.