Those Little Bastads Are Here

In case the big pop-up ad and the little thingy on the sidebar weren’t enough of a clue, let me proudly announce, complete with a shit-eating grin on my face, that my first book, Those Little Bastads is now officially on sale. The E-mail message confirming this fact was in my inbox when I returned home from my interview this afternoon, already happy about how the first half of my day had gone. I can’t be sure anyone has bought a copy yet, but I just started advertising it, so we’ll give that time.

In fact, my online sales tracker won’t register a sale until the order is actually fulfilled. That is, it won’t tell me someone bought a copy of the book until their copy is printed and on its way to them. That process doesn’t seem to take long but it isn’t instataneous either. Therefore, I am hoping I’ll start to see some numbers come Thursday or Friday.

Of course the possibility exists that no one will buy it at all, but that possibility is really only crossing the negative side of my mind, the side that’s been telling me to give up all along. Sales might be slow at the start but I am convinced that I can do well with this book. I have the drive to do so, and the know-how, after a year working in marketing. I can’t be negative. I’m too excited. Getting my copy of the book the other day was thrilling and today the real action begins.

In addition to the book’s launch today was also worth talking about because of the rather nice interview I had. I met with three people: the potential boss, a potential coworker, and a human resources representative. Whereas I felt a little uneven a few weeks ago with the interview, today I felt pretty good across the board. I hope I gave them enough reason to call me back for the second round because the information they gave me did nothing but get me more excited about the prospect of working there.