Emotional Rollercoaster

Today was an emotional rollercoaster. What began as a day filled with promise turned into an afternoon of nervous excitement after we took a look at a house that would be just perfect for us. And then reality came crashing in. As we rushed to finish off the financial preparations we’d begun last month to try and buy a home, we soon discovered that we weren’t really as prepared as we thought we were. Very quickly, what seemed like it might be such an amazing opportunity turned into the realization that we had no hope at all of landing this cute little colonial that had won our hearts.

Truth be told, this was a conversation Stephanie and I needed to have for quite some time. We made tremendous financial progress last year, despite my being unemployed for the better part of it. We’re nearly out of debt, student loans aside, and we’re living a relatively comfortable life. It seems as though, from a very superficial level, that we are ready to move to the next stage of things.

But we don’t have a lot in our savings account. And if there’s one thing that’s holding us back from doing anything it’s that. We may have paid off most of our debt, but in the process we haven’t been paying as much attention to saving.

When it came down to it we didn’t have enough money for a decent down payment or for all of the other costs that you encounter when trying to buy a home. Add to that the fact that our new mortgage payment, while we could have technically afforded it, would have forced a lot of changes in our lifestyle, and you had a recipe for disaster.

There is this need on both our parts, (more on mine than hers,) to get moving with life. We’re not getting any younger. By the time they were our age our parents had two or three kids a piece. They had property. They were much further along than we are.

Our apartment is comfortable and we’re living decently. That house would have been perfect and I could almost cry just thinking about it, but I have to sit back and convince myself, “There will be other houses and when they come along you will be better prepared.”

I’ll try convincing myself tomorrow morning, when I’ve had a full night’s sleep.