You’ll Poke Your Eye Out

I didn’t get the job I wanted. Maybe it had something to do with the masturbation entry. This was a web design job, and so I had to give them some addresses to look at, stuff that I had worked on. Didn’t really plan on that when I posted my ode to jacking off. Oh well. I guess now I’ll just have more time to spend with myself if you know what I mean.

Seriously though, I didn’t get it because they are re-evaluating whether they need another person. They’re a relatively new company and I can understand that. The woman did take the time to tell me I should call them back in the fall if I was still looking. I don’t know if she realizes it or not, but my current occupation, that of Master Bates, doesn’t pay me well enough to stay, in the official sense, unemployed, till September. I had one interviewesque thing today with my temp agency, and tommorow I meet with a company that is not willing to pay me nearly enough to drive the one and half hours it would take to get there one way every day. Am I excited?

Well actually I’m not.

You know what else? I just killed a whole ant colony that decided my trashcan might be a nice place to populate. Normally this sort of extermination wouldn’t bother me, but yesterday I watched A Bug’s Life and now I’m feeling somewhat guilty. I mean, what if one of those cute cuddly, pastel colored cartoon ants was among the army that I just annihilated with my trusty can of Raid? What if I just killed Flik, a totally wonderful bug that has brought joy to millions of youngsters everywhere, including several of my young cousins? What have I done?

I’m such an asshole.

Got to hang out with some more Bradford people yesterday. Last week I got to see Erik and Tori, and yesterday Stef and I got to hang out with our old housemates, Monica and Stacey, who now both are among those with jobs alongside Stef. I had been talking to Stacey on the phone and taking comfort that she was also still unemployed but alas, all good things must come to and end, and now I am the only loser left.

Perhaps I could go work for the RMV. My membership with the SMCA (confused? see yesterday’s entry) needs to be renewed but…

Oh well. Back to what I do best. I think I still have it in me. Sixth time today…