The Heat Was Getting To Me

I think I’m going blind.

Just kidding.

My room has gone from a sauna to a wind tunnel. I went out and picked me up a nice little box fan to throw in the window, and I put the other fan on the other side of the room, and now this place actually seems inhabitable. I think I might even need a sweater.

I watched Metallica-Behind The Music last night. I think that featuring Metallica on the most tearjerking show on VH1 should somehow be against the law. I mean, how many tears could Metallica produce? Are the black-clad badboys’ haircuts as epic as say, Tony Orlando’s fall from grace?

I jest though. It was a good show. They have been through a lot, and as a fan of rock music, I cannot help but admire them for sticking through these rap-crap infested times. It seems to me as if every good rock band has either disappeared off the face of the planet or decided to make a quick buck performing sh*tty ballads for hokey movies about asteroids. I’m a big Aerosmith fan, but the fact that their first #1 record was “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” really p*sses me off. It’s not entirely their fault. It really has a lot to do with the buying public. I think that America record buying public has been dummified by people like Puff Daddy, and his overwhelming unoriginality, by “boy bands” who aren’t really bands at all, but rather a group of just-passing-puberty-boy-i’d-like-him-to-pop-my-cherry-untalented-little-f*cks like the Backstreet Boys, and N’ Sync, who in my humble opinion have no place being anywhere near the top of a countdown, album chart or anywhere else.

The public blames the degradation of America’s youth on acts like Marilyn Manson, and rock and roll. I blame the degradation of America’s youth on cookie cutter, canned ham music produced by accountants and their proteges rather than real musicians. If the children of America never learn to appreciate real music, then we are all in for a rather bleak f*cking future.