Backstroke Lover, Always Hidin’ ‘neath the Covers

I’m feeling risque. Perhaps its the heat of my non-air conditioned room, the fact that I just read a very amusing entry at HeavySigh… Perhaps I shouldn’t say anything risque, at the risk of offending those who might be reading. Perhaps…

Lynda over at HeavySigh wrote a very interesting entry on masturbation over the weekend. Me and my friends used to have this argument about whether I masturbated or not. They always told me that everyone masturbates. I always claimed that I did not. It always created an argument. I make all sorts of ridiculous claims. And I tend not to back down on most of them, despite the fact that we all know those claims are false. And so everyone used to get annoyed with me whenever I disputed their theory on the masturbatory habits of homo sapiens. But I stuck by my guns. I kept to my story. I didn’t masturbate.

But now I am coming (perhaps I should have chosen a different word) out of the ejaculatory closet. I have been lying to my friends, to my family, to myself… to the world… I DO IT! I’m not ashamed to say it anymore.

Stef and I went to see Notting Hill, which I consequently did not masturbate to. Excellent movie. A very subtle and original romantic comedy. Brilliantly written. Very well directed. I do resent the “force is with Julia” advertising campaign but hey… You should go check it out. It actually inspired me to begin writing a romantic comedy. Might even make it a screenplay. Plus I’ve got that other, now untitled project. Now if only I can get off my ass and get them started.

JonMartin is an amazing poet. I just read a new poem of his, recently posted on his site. Right now it’s the last link under his My Words section. Don’t recall the exact title. You should read it. I have to call Jon. Just spoke with Tori and we were talking about the sadness that has set in Post-Bradford. It’s been preventing the both of us from keeping in touch with people. Not only do I have to call Jon, but I should be visiting the summer school kids at Bradford. I should be hanging out with Jimmy. I’m wasting away, sweating my ass off typing resumes and looking for cars… I should be having fun, at least a little bit before I finally get a job, which I have every confidence will happen soon… Gotta do a couple more things and get out of the sauna that is my room.