Keeping A Regular Flow

I’ve decided that in order to keep the journals regular, I need to make updating the page the first thing I do when I come online. I’m online everyday for at least an hour or so, so there is no real excuse for a lack of updates. What happens is, that I get so involved in surfing for information on the new Nine Inch Nails album, the new Dawn series, and Episode 2, among other things that I lose the initial drive I had when I signed on to update you all about the fabulous goings on in my life. And there is always so much to tell. No. I’m not being sarcastic at all. My life is full of excitement. You want proof? Today I did something really monumental.

I took Stef’s car to the carwash.

How do you like those apples? You know how cool I am? I didn’t even have to pay. I bummed a get-one-free coupon off of dear old Dad. It looks good and shiny, and clean. I did good.

God I need to get a life. A job. Something.

Interview the other day went well. We’ll see what happens. Keeping the fingers crossed I am.