Jar-Jarred Out

Okay. So first of all, I shaved. I didn’t get an interview yet, but John (my brother) and Stef simultaneously demanded it. They thought I looked awful. Well goddamn it, I was supposed to look awful. It was plea to the Gods. Jesus Christ! Am I not allowed to hold on to some of my angst?

Yup. That’s me. Captain Melodrama.

Oh and I saw The Phantom Menace for the third and fourth times this weekend. Saturday, my parents and Stef and I went, and we saw it at the sh*tty ass theatre in Lawrence, which I don’t even think measures up to the standards Lucas set, or if it does, does so just barely. I was totally underwhelmed by the sound quality. But they liked it enough. And that was the day I found the ETs. You might have heard here on the good ole internut that there is supposedly a cameo appearance in Menace by the race of aliens featured in Spielberg’s classic film, ET. Well, they are hard to find, but if you look closely at the bottom lefthand corner of the screen during the scene in the Senate Chamber, shortly after Amidala calls for the vote of no confidence, you will see them agreeing wholeheartedly.

The next day I pointed it out to JonMartin, and friends, and sho nuff they proved me not crazy. We also sat through the credits for an extra special tidbit Lucas and John Williams dropped at the end of the music, after all the logos go by. Pay close attention and you’ll hear it.

I have way too much time on my hands.

This morning I heard some awful news about a wrestler dying during a pay per view event last night. Now, I’m not a big wrestling fan, but I used to be. And as tasteless and vulgar as the “sport” might be, its use of storytelling still intrigues me. And the wrestler who died used to be my favorite. Owen Hart went by the name of the Blue Blazer, and he was coming back to the WWF, which has, since I stopped watching about ten years ago, become sort of a cesspool of the pop cultures lowest common denominators. He was coming back to be that one positive rolemodel in the sport, and he died tragically while performing an entrance he’d done numerous times. Fan of the "sport" or not, I think you can’t help but acknowledge this loss. It takes a very brave entertainer to try and be positive in our society today. Lucas does it. Owen Hart did it. And I hope beyond hope, that someday I will be able to do the same.

The job search continues. Its hard to keep looking when I know that I would be good at any of the positions I’ve applied for thus far. Very hard. And Stef’s got a job. And that’s tough too, to not be able to pull my own weight in that department. She’s been paying for almost everything of late. Very not good. I shouldn’t have shaved.

Had a very amusing conversation with the Lynda, the proprietor of HeavySigh this morning. Then, to make things more interesting I ended up speaking with Tori at the same time. Plus I was trying to send out a million and one resumes. Very productive morning. Progressing in the job search and interacting with other human beings all at once… Doesn’t always happen here on these gloomy days alone in my room.

Plus I found advice on buying lingerie which is always exciting.