What Kind of Star Wars Fan Are You?

I was not willing to buy a ticket just to see a trailer. I was not willing to sit through a Brad Pitt movie just to see a trailer. I was dead broke when the second trailer came out. I was not in line last Wednesday.

The voices in my head scream out, “What kind of Star Wars Fan are you?”

I’m going to The Phantom Menace at three in the f*cking morning, that’s what kind of fan I am.

Earlier tonight JonMartin called me up and said that he could get tickets to the 12:01 showing, and that he was off to get them if I wanted one. I was elated. Up until that point I had sort of resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to see it till this weekend, Thursday at best. I was all excited. Jon calls back. Appears that even though the website and the phone service had the tix listed, the theatre has none left. He’s bummed. I’m bummed. We’re all bummed.

Then I went to the theatre to see when I was going to get tickets for, and realized they had tickets for three in the morning. Bought one. Came back. John, who incidentally works the late shift, says he wants to go. Calls up his friend. He wants to go. I go and get them tickets. Lady looks at me like I have three heads. I come back here. I begin typing.

And that’s the bottom line ‘cause Stone Cold says so.

Don’t know where that came from. I’m tired. I should be going to bed. But I know I won’t get up at the required time if I hit the sack now, so I’m staying up. Gonna watch the 10 Spot on MTV cause they’re supposedly having some kind of Star Wars special. Then I’ll probably fall asleep on the couch and get woken up by my brother when he gets back from work. And then I get to see it. Pretty psyched.

Or pretty psycho. I can’t decide.