Pump Up The Volume

About a year ago, for some reason which I cannot recall, I bought a Movie-CD. Not a DVD. A Movie-CD. I don’t think they make them anymore. The movie was Pump Up The Volume with Christian Slater. One of my favorite flicks. I had twenty bucks to waste and I wanted something new and cool to f*ck around with on my computer. Brought it home, watched it. Program to run it was a pain in the ass. Stowed it away. Didn’t really watch it again until today. Great movie. And inspiring. Here’s why.

A while back we (we, meaning the visitors of Orgtalk, the oft talked about, at least until recently, message board at Rebekah.org) had this huge discussion about the relevance of web journals. Christian Slater tells the angstridden masses at the end of the movie that they should all rise up and steal the air. This is before the advent (or at least before the mass public consumption) of the internet. It was sort of a ridiculous notion for all of us to go out and violate the FCC’s rules and regulations and get arrested in the glorious manner in which Happy Harry Hardon did. But with the introduction of the internet, we were all given that chance to speak out, to steal the proverbial air. I think it is our responsibility as free thinking human beings, trapped in a restrictive society to express ourselves by any means necessary. Webjournals are our way of listening to Happy Harry’s advice.

Or perhaps I’m full of sh*t.

Read HeavySigh a few minutes ago. It is a refreshing, and honest webjournal that really does everything that certain others, no longer, or perhaps, never did do. This girl is an amazing writer in my mind, and has a lot to say. Today she was listing the many things you wouldn’t know about her by reading her webpage.

Very funny stuff.

I sent out five resumes today. Its wierd to be looking for jobs with your parents. Both of my parents lost their jobs this spring. Bloody corporate America. And so now, we’re one happy unemployed family. Cept for my brother John who is working, going to school, and taking karate all at the same time (read:overachiever), and Stef, who is sort of family by extension, who started her new job today. I’m ultra envious. She has her own office, and medical, and dental…

I can’t even get an interview.

But I’ve got a webpage.