The Return of Roger Ebert

Finally a reason to hug Roger Ebert. All the negative bullsh*t I’ve been reading about The Phantom Menace over the last few weeks has really put a damper on my anticipation of the flick. But today I tuned into Siskel & Ebert to see what the lone thumb thought about the new flick and lo and behold I finally heard something intelligent. Ebert did outline a few of the film’s shortcomings, but he also really displayed that those shortcomings were totally overshadowed by the accomplishments of the film. He also acknowledged that this is basically a set-up film, which will eventually pay off in the second and third installments. But he acknowledged that it was a good film. And he gave it a thumbs up, and talked about how he was going to live up to a promise he made to Siskel and take Siskel’s kid to go see it.

Never in my life have I loved the fat guy. Till today of course.

Stef and I might be staying at the house (my parents’ house) for longer than expected to save up money for an apartment, and as such we are getting a phone line up here in my room. Why does this matter to you? It means that I’ll be able to update a lot more often cause I won’t have to haul out the 35 foot cable to hook up the ‘puter to the phone downstairs, which I enjoy doing just about as much as searching for, and rarely ever finding any jobs that have something to do with what I spent four years studying.

The Next Big Thing, my next big project is underway. I finally know what the hell I’m writing about, and I think it’ll be a doozy. Something different from the good ole Clark. More on that as it develops.

Well I’m off to, to catch up on my Phantom gossip.