Star Wars, Bar Crawls, and The Return of Rach-Rach

Most of my fellow seniors are still in bed recovering from last night’s Bar Crawl. I am here. Devoted and faithful servant of the internet lab. I am here. Poor ass bastard in need of cash.

Rachael emailed me for the first time this year outside of mass emails to let me know she was coming to graduation. Just when you think you’ve lost your best friend entirely, she surprises you once again. I don’t know what she’s been up to up there at her school, but… I’m really happy she emailed me.

I roamed about the ‘net this morning reading reviews of The Phantom Menace which was apparently screened to industry types in Manhattan last night. Reviews are very mixed. Lots of, “it could have been better"s. Personally I think they are all full of sh*t. I for one, still cannot wait to see the flick on May 19th. I think the problem with these people is they go in to the theatre expecting Lucas to reinvent the f*cking wheel. The expectations are so high that I really fear the reaction… for Lucas. I’ll love the movie no matter what. I have my problems, my reservations. But I leave them at the door. Lucas has earned that kind of respect from me. I am going to walk into that theatre and enjoy this f*cking flick.