Hooking Up

We screened the vid of Christ last night and got drunk. It was quite a blast. Trish, Rob, Tori and Larsen all came over. Aside from everyone being a bit dissapointed that Jon couldn’t show (he was sick) the night was great. I don’t think we actually listened to the show… there was a lot of reminiscing going on. That’s the kind of stuff I want to be doing these last eight days. Not papers or looking for jobs, or apartments… I just want to look back, and kick back…

After the screening, which we held at my townhouse we ranted and raved on my front steps for a while about the crap going on in our individual lives. I got progressively less drunk, and we all ended up at Tori’s townhouse where other things happened, none of which I was actually involved in, but hey.

And I found out all about the end of the semester hooking up that seems to be going on. I love it when people hook up. I don’t know why. It gives me this extra charge. I guess I’m living vicariously through them, cause I don’t get to hook up anymore. I’ve got me a woman who I love and all that fun sh*t, so I guess I just get really excited at new love. Not that old love is bad. Old love is good. I just get elated when I find out someone else has gone from the ranks of not-gettin-any to gettin-some. I don’t know why. DaPonte’s got someone new, and Larsen has someone new. But then there’s Tori, who’s trying like hell, but can’t seem to win the attention of the person she’s been lusting after for four years. This object of affection is a mutual friend. He has never had a girlfriend to the best of my knowledge, and as a fellow geek, I understand why he’s experiencing difficulties dealing with this… It’s weird, as a geek, to find out someone is lusting after you. You never know quite how to react. She’s getting frustrated. The matchmaker in me feels this desire to make sure they hook up. It’s a mission.

Maybe Mission Impossible, but it’s still a mission

The weekend draws near. My last at Bradford. Then its time for Senior Week. And then commencement.

And then moving back to my house. How f*cking anticlimatic can you get? Yup, I went through four years of college just to end up right back where I f*cking started. Yay me. I can only hope we get an apartment soon. Real soon. Not that I don’t love my parents, but I want to move forward. It’s the only way I’m going to ever think that these thousands of dollars I’m going to be spending the next ten years of my life paying off was worth it.

By the way, who do you think would win in a catfight, Britney Spears, or Natalie Portman? Let me know!