Fans of Single Digits

We’re in the single digits. Nine days till the real world. I’m a little scared. Just a little. Not a lot. It’s not like I’m sh*tting my pants, or even p*ssing them for that matter.

‘Cept on the bad days.

Found another band I’m fond of on MP3.COM. Headboard is a strange combination of rap and alternative that works for me on a level that other acts of this nature simply don’t. Check them out.

Did I mention I actually had an email conversation with the one and only Rebekah Jude the other day? I had emailed her about why she took the boards down, and we had a nice conversation (short though) which ended when she realized who I was. I guess I am one of the annoying fans. Oh well. I don’t believe you should get annoyed with your fans. I’m not annoyed with any of my readers. Never ever. Perhaps that’s cause my board isn’t active… and the guestbook signings that I do get are relatively tame… Back in Soma we had this fan, who shall remain nameless, and I never got annoyed at her. I think everyone else did at one point or another but…

I’m good to my peeps.

Well, spank my ass and call me Charlie, that’s it for today.