Everything’s Popping Up!

Big dillema. I hate the pop ups. Hate them. Everyone else does. But I’m too lazy to switch providers, plus I actually like Geocities, except for the damn pop ups. Big dillema.

But I found a solution. If you’d like to experience the solution too, email me. It’s not perfect, but its something.

Had a real rough night last night. Some personal crap went down and I left the house for a while to cool off. Barry, and Heather T., two friends of mine, found me and dragged me to the Chit Chat (local bar) to see a couple of Bradford guys, Rickman and Roger, play at Open Mic night. The Tigh and Rodge Blues Experience. Probably only amusing after a couple. But fun nonetheless. Barry bought my drinks cause I was broke, and we all sat around… it must’ve been half our senior class in this little bar, watching our two drunk friends stumble through cover after cover… it was great! Left in a much better mood. Never pictured myself going to the bar to cool off (something Dad does, and we all know I have no desire to be like my father when he’s drunk,) but it was actually pretty laid back.

Kevin Smith got married! Did you hear? I mean, I don’t know why the f*ck I care. I love the guy’s movies and all but… Anyway, the really hip thing was that he got married at the Skywalker Ranch. A geek’s dream come true. I wonder if Obi Wan did the ceremony.

Listening to this band, Davids Secret at MP3.com. Really good stuff. Instrumental rock. I should be studying. That ever happen to you. Is it just me, or am always “supposed to be studying”? My very last final ever is today at 1 PM. Freaky. Then I pass in my writing portfolio for Fiction, and I’m done.

Well, ‘cept I still have to write the motherf*ckin speech.