Exploitation At Its Finest

NOW AVAILABLE! Music From The Original American Tragedy: COLUMBINE! Featuring Music by KMFDM, The Brothers Cohen, and Celine Dion. INCLUDES the Rap, Techno, and House Remixes of “Friend of Mine.” EXPLOITATION AT IT’S FINEST! AVAILABLE HERE FOR ONLY $19.95, plus shipping and handling.

Funny? Not really. I think it’s only a matter of time before that sh*t starts popping up. I feel for the Brothers Cohen man. I understand the need to write, to release about that sh*t, but to release it as a CD? C’mon. Even if all the proceeds do go to charity… I’ll admit it, I bought the f*cking Diana tribute, but I really hated that I did. There is a certain point at which you draw a line…

I had my final class at Bradford today (aside from a final tommorow, which should be a breeze,) and I had it with the same professor I had my very first class at Bradford with, Mr. Peter, theatre guy, and absolute nut. It was a final for lighting design, which I did good on. I’m just now starting to realize that it’s all closing in. Eleven days.

But who’s counting?

Still haven’t started the speech. I think I finally might be in a good enough mood to do it. I have been waiting for the right moment, so as not to make the speech too cheezy, or too angry, or too anything. The dean of students, Trey, the only time he ever talks to me now is to ask me if I’ve finished the speech yet. I’m thinking that with my reputation for, shall we say, speaking my mind, they may be looking to get their hands on it before Commencement.

Sneaky devils.

Well, for those of you who need a LIVE dose of the Clark, I am doing a reading with about six others tommorow night at seven, here at good ole Bradford. Mail me for directions. Its free, and I’m reading from my short story, “Vamp,” which David (my fiction prof.) is absolutely in love with, (sometimes so in love, that I think he wishes he wrote it.) It’s a great story involving the reversal of the vampire metaphor. That’s all I’ll say.