The Continuing Adventures of Britney Spears

All is uneventful here at good ole Bradford. I’m working on my commencement speech. I have a couple more papers, and couple stories left to turn in, but other than that it’s pretty much smooth sailing till May 8th, when the “real world” decapitates me. I am really not looking forward to the “real world.” I mean, the “Real World” gets progressively more obnoxious each season. If I could be part of Real World III, then I might be happy. Maybe even Real World II. But what is it now, Real World XXX? They’ve totally run out of diseases to exploit. They’ve made light of almost every alternative lifestyle known to man. I mean, what the f*ck do they do next? Insert a major pop icon into the frey and hope that the rest of the angst ridden roommates don’t really “Hit Her One More Time”?

“Hit Me Baby One More…” SMACK! “Hey its just a…” SMACK!