Oxygen You’ll Never Get Back

I just mentioned to Stephanie that keeping this journal every day only magnifies how little I do with my life most of the time. When you force yourself to sit down and write what happened every single day you are bound to begin noticing the days when nothing much happened, when you don’t have anything to talk about. Those are the days when you feel really awful about yourself at the end, when you feel like you’ve wasted twenty-four hours of oxygen you’ll never get back.

Of course the other way of looking at it is that I had nice, relaxing day at home today, and that I really need the chance to unwind on Saturdays and Sundays and that’s just what I did. That is the other way of looking at it. Unfortunately, I have a hard time looking at it that way.

I did manage to get some more archival entries written today and I did map out a few changes for the Clarkwoods.com site, but that was about it. I took a trip to Nashua, NH to buy a new book to start reading tomorrow, but after wasting an hour in Borders Books & Music I deduced that I have at least a half-dozen books sitting here in the apartment that I still haven’t read.

While I wrote those archival entries this afternoon I watched the first couple episodes of the original Roots, just to have something on the TV. It was during the second episode though, that I finally just gave up and reverted to couch potato mode, knowing full well that I would end the night feeling like this.

I did do a drawing for JonMartin though. He needed it for a play he’ll be producing back in England. I think it turned out rather well, although I forgot that’s what I did with the beginning of my day until now. Oh well, I guess I was just too busy being negative.