All The Dwarves from THE HOBBIT, All In One Place

Over the past few weeks, beginning with Ori, Dori, and Nori, Peter Jackson and the other powers that be behind the film adaptatons of The Hobbit have been releasing images of the dwarves who will be featured in the upcoming movies. Now, for the first time, we get a peek at all of them, all together. This comes to us from Hypable.

What seems most remarkable to us is how distinct each dwarf is. Having watched the three films of The Lord of the Rings a number of times, we were kind of left with the impression that all dwarves looked sort of like Gimli. And while there is certainly (and justifiably) a ressemblance between Gimli and Gloin, the rest of these dwarves look every bit as distinct as their human or elven counterparts.