I’m proud to announce the impending release of Geek Force Five: Volume Three, which is due out on Wednesday, April 30, 2014. Here’s a brief description:

A worm rustles through dry leaves as a man contemplates the end of his world; a scientist discovers a way to turn back the apocalypse; cousins play a game of Memory where the cards turn out to be more than twin suns and puppy dogs; the city of London is consumed by madness; and a woman wakes to find her living room destroyed and her boyfriend gone, with no memory of how it happened.

This anthology features “Beneath It All” by Holly Day, “Memento” by Maria Herring, “The Game of Memory” by Thomas Kearnes, “Blackfriars” by Naomi Elster, and “Carbon” by Jef Cozza, winner of the 2011 Environmental Writing Contest.

Add the book to your To Read list on Goodreads right now! If we get 50 adds on Goodreads, we’ll release a teaser of all five stories.

Oh, and the cover? Check this out!