Art Basel 42

by Kara Kaloplastos

I’ve thinking lately about how I haven’t been to a museum or art gallery in a long time. I began to do a bit of research to see what was being featured this summer, and I found something that I had just missed (I can blame the lack of proximity rather than the timing). This summer saw the passing Art Basel 42, the world’s premier international art show for contemporary and Modern works. Basel can be found on the Rhine, bordering Switzerland and France, and the location attracts many artists, dealers, curators, and collectors for this renowned global event. This year’s event featured 300 galleries displaying work by over 2,500 artists. What I was really excited to read about, however, was the 170,000 square foot space that was used to feature 62 large installation pieces. I’m a huge fan of art in general, but installation art tends to blow me away. I love to see an artist really use up space to convey art in an original way.

Take a peek at some of the highlights.

Zink Yi and Kendell Geers were a couple of my favorites here. And oh, if you have the chance, actually go to a museum before the summer ends. It’s a great rainy day adventure.