Autobiography of Joe Simon, Co-Creator of Captain America

Just in time for the release of the motion picture based on his most famous creation, Titan Books has put out Joe Simon: My Life in Comics, an autobiography of the man who, together with Jack Kirby, created Captain America.

It’s 246 pages of anecdotes and wisdom from a guy who I think many of us forget we still have with us. With Stan Lee remaining relatively high-profile, a cameo from him now an expected part of every Marvel movie, it’s easy to forget that there are other creators from the golden age of comics still around. I know I was certainly surprised when Titan Books offered to send me a review copy of the book, and I’m sure at least a few of you are surprised right now.

Blurbed by Neil Gaiman (“I think what attracted me to Simon’s comics was how unlike anyone else’s they were, how full of life.”), Jonathan Lethem (“Simon, one of the secret masters, has done us an incredible service of sticking around to provide us with a glimpse of ancient and not-so-ancient history.”), and the aforementioned Stan Lee (“Lucky for me, when I entered comics Joe Simon was my mentor… he was the master!”) it also features lots of Simon’s art, a good selection of personal photos, and the requisite full-color middle section that makes celebrity biographies fun.

Titan Books will have signed copies available at the San Diego Comic-Con this week at Booth 5537. But if you can’t make it out to San Diego, you can always support Geek Force Five by buying a copy through Amazon.