Clarkwoods Returns

Back in 2000, just after I’d proposed to Stephanie, we decided to build a Website to keep people informed about our impending nuptuals. For a domain name, we came up with Clarkwoods. My last name was Clark, her last name was Woodsum, and Clarkwoods was a pretty cool-sounding mash-up of the two.

Over the years, Clarkwoods evolved into the company that it is today. It became a label for our creative endeavors, whether those were books or plays or even the silly short films I produce for the extended family each Easter.

But the Website has been dormant for a good, long while. And I thought it was about time to bring it back. With me scaling back to one job this fall and doubling down on art, I thought now was the time to bring everything I was doing online back under the Clarkwoods banner. Geek Force Five is here, and so is Temptress, and so is the blog.

As the Band Aides say in Almost Famous, “it’s all happening.” And for me, online, it’s all happening here.