Crossroads (or The Piano of Death)

Production photo of Bridgette Hayes (Veronica) and Bob Mussett (The Salesman) by Rachel Kurnos.

E. Christopher Clark wrote the script for Crossroads (or The Piano of Death), which was performed as a staged reading twice in February 2012, the first time on February 4 at the West End Studio Theater in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and the second time on February 19 at The Democracy Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Crossroads was a collaboration between Chris, musician Mary Casiello (who wrote and performed two new songs for the show), and director Crystal Lisbon. The performances were produced as fundraisers for Astolat Arts, the arts organization co-founded by Lisbon.

Bridgette Hayes played Veronica and Rachel Kurnos played Vern. The part of The Salesman was played on February 4 by Bob Mussett and on February 19 by James Bocock.