The Director and Stage Manager of TEMPTRESS

I have two announcements today in the world of Temptress and I’m thrilled about them both.

First, I’m pleased to announce that Michelle Blouin-Wright will be our stage manager.

In 2011, Michelle began her theater journey with the local sketch comedy group Portsketch, starting out as stage manager before becoming a full cast member. Since then, she has played vital roles in productions both on stage and backstage, occasionally doing double duty! Productions to her credit include, At My Window, The Christmas Carol, How I Learned to Drive, Darwin’s Waiting Room, and, most recently, Lawyers, Guns, and Money.

I’m also pleased to announce that my long-time partner in creative crime, Jonathan Martin, is on board as director.


When he was ten years old, Jon began his life on stage by starring in a non-denominational holiday play (Seasons Greetings). Years later, he would play such parts as Mute Boy in a high school children’s play, Second Shepherd in Shakespeare's As You Like It, and Jacquot in the worst musical of all time—(No, not Rent...)—1961’s Carnival! All this, and many other parts you’ve never thought twice about. He has also starred in plays by Neil Simon, William Shakespeare, and Tom Stoppard whilst studying in Oxford, UK and Lowell, MA. But let’s be honest, the first set are funnier. In addition to acting, Jon has directed, produced, designed lights, sound, hair, and make-up, and many other things... all of which he loves—except dance. Dance is to Jon what sugar cookies are to diabetics. That said, Jon looks forward to bringing to Temptress the clarity of vision that oversaw his introduction to the stage, and he looks forward to working with such a talented group of actors and technicians. (See, Chris? I got through the whole thing without mentioning our terrible band, your music video, or the college play in which you killed me off. Yay!)

These are both excellent additions to our crew, and I’m thrilled to have them aboard.

But Chris, you’re wondering, why do you need a director? I thought you were directing.

Yeah, here’s the thing. We’ve actually decided to put me up on stage, in the role of Michael. And, as I aint no Jamie Maddrox (Marvel’s Multiple Man for those not in the know), I needed someone offstage to tell me when I’m sucking and why I’m sucking. And there’s no one I’d rather have tell me I’m stinking up the joint than Jon.

NewsE. Christopher Clark