Drew Barrymore Directs Chloe Moretz in a Music Video for Best Coast's "Our Deal"

We loved Chloe Moretz so much as Hit Girl in Kick-Ass that we'll watch pretty much anything she does, including a music video for a band we don't particularly like by a director we know only as an actress who makes movies that are are always hit or miss. But here's the thing: the video for Best Coast's "Our Deal," directed by Drew Barrymore (and also starring Tyler Posey from the Teen Wolf TV show) actually got us wanting to A) Listen to more Best Coast, and B) Watch more flicks by Drew Barrymore. So, mission accomplished for them, right?

The clip is one part "Beat It," one part Romeo and Juliet, two parts low-fi fuzz, and just sad enough to make you want to go hug the person you love, without being so sad that you want to go hide in a closet and listen to The Smiths all day.

Via Pitchfork