Elizabeth Locke Joins TEMPTRESS

 Elizabeth Locke  and  Mary Casiello  in the 2012 Players' Ring production of  Crossroads (or The Piano of Death) .

Elizabeth Locke and Mary Casiello in the 2012 Players' Ring production of Crossroads (or The Piano of Death).

I am pleased to announce that Elizabeth Locke has joined the cast of The Players’ Ring production of my play Temptress. She will be reprising the role of Veronica Silver, which she first played during the Ring’s 2012 production of Crossroads (or The Piano of Death).

Liz was part of the Spotlight Award-winning ensemble cast of Biloxi Blues (Seacoast Spotlight Awards 2012). She also starred alongside yours truly in At My Window, scared the shit out of people as part of An Evening of Grand Guignol: Theatre of Terror, and has played memorable roles in The Lobby, Elephant Hunt, and The Odd Couple, to name just a few. I can’t imagine doing a play without her, and I’m thrilled she’s rejoining me for Temptress.

But you’re wondering: what does it mean that her character from one play is now part of a second play? Stay tuned, and you’ll find out.