Everything in Due Time

As well as my Draft a Day project has been going, it hasn’t sated my desire to blog. Every week, I add an item to my To Do list that reads something to the effect of “blog about all the things.” And every week, I either delete that item or I move it to my Someday/Maybe list.

I think it might be the words “all the things” that are keeping me from accomplishing this task. After all, “all the things” is so amorphous and unhelpful that, even now, even when I have time, I have no idea where to begin.

Let’s just see what comes to mind, shall we?

First, I want to mention that, after years of trying, I have finally found a way to import the contents of my two old blogs, That Little Bastard and Geek Force Five, into my current site. It’s a slow-going process, as there are missing images and invalid video encodes to fix, but I am making progress.

It’s been remarkable to revisit all the things that I captured to my blog once upon a time. I’d forgotten that I’d written so much about the pregnancy that brought my daughter Kaylee into the world almost 9 years ago. I’d forgotten how fun the comments section used to be, before I succumbed to that pervasive opinion that comments sections are wretched hives of scum and villainy and turned comments off. I’d forgotten so much.

Comments! That’s another thing. I’ve turned comments back on. The conversation has been slow to build, as people are so used to having their conversations over on Twitter and Facebook now, but it’s been great when it’s happens

Oh, and podcasts! Once upon a time, I did a daily show called the FiveCast, and as I’ve been pulling those episodes out of the blog archives and into their own separate feed, I’ve had the itch to start it up again. I’m within reach of 500 episodes, after all.

But I haven’t started it up because the other thing I’ve learned, thanks in equal parts to going through the old blogs and to having the Timehop app on my iPhone’s homescreen, is that I am at my most miserable when I don’t carefully consider what I’m allowing to use up my time and attention. I am being viciously protective of my time these days and trying to say “No” a lot more. It’s a work in progress, but it is progressing.

So, while I may not return to the FiveCast anytime soon—I’ve considered making it a summer-only series, letting it fill in some of the time that I gain when my teaching load lightens in May—and while I may not ever launch the other amazing podcast idea that keeps popping into my head, I am keeping an eye out for when those sorts of things will make sense to pursue.

Next up for me is a return to acting in a show I hope I’ll be able to name soon, as well as a new issue of Geek Force Five the magazine in May. I’ve got a new collection of short stories to release at some point, too. But I want to do that one righter than I’ve ever done a collection before.

Everything in due time.

NewsE. Christopher Clark