Fiddle vs. Make


For years, friends have been trying to convince me to change the content management system I use to run my Website. For many, many moons now, I’ve been using a CMS called ExpressionEngine, while everyone else in the known universe was using this thing called WordPress. They begged me to come on over, swore up and down that the water was just fine over there in WP Land, but I stayed where I was. I was used to EE. I knew where all the knobs were. I knew which ones I needed to fiddle with to get a Website to look the way I wanted. And so, I fiddled. And then I fiddled some more.

But here’s the thing I’ve discovered: It’s easier to fiddle with something than it is to make something. And because I am, at my core, a lazy, lazy man, I need a system for my Website that actually discourages me from tinkering.

Last week, when I Tweeted that I was changing CMSes, I’m sure my friends were hopeful I was finally going to heed their advice. So, a couple of days later, when I Tweeted that I had chosen Squarespace, the shock was understandable. If I was going to bother switching, why not switch to the known commodity, the platform they’d been preaching about all these years?

Here’s why: I’ve seen what it takes to make a WordPress site look good and work well. For three months in early 2010, I worked for a company where I was knee-deep in WP. And what I remember is a lot of fiddling, a lot of time spent endulging my worst habits and not so much time spent putting my talents to good use.

I’m a tinkerer, and I need to stop. That’s one of the main reasons I’ve chosen Squarespace. Sure, you can fiddle with it, but the quality of its out of the box offerings is high enough that it disincentivizes tinkering and actually encourages you to get back to work. Stop fiddling, my Squarespace site says to me, and start making things again.

The new version of this Website will launch on Squarespace on or about September 3, 2012.

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