First Look at Henry Cavill as Superman in THE MAN OF STEEL


Warner Bros. has released the first official still of Henry Cavill as Superman in the forthcoming The Man of Steel, and the Internet is drooling all over itself while cleaning up the mess it just made in its pants. We first caught wind of the image through a Tweet by the fine folks at Jetpack Comics, and we've been geeking out along with everyone else ever since.

There's really not a lot to hate about this image, unless you're a big fan of the spit curl that Christopher Reeve made famous. Cavill looks like the badass Superman that Reeve, George Reeves, Dean Cain, Tom Welling, and Brandon Routh never could quite pull off. And he's wearing a version of the costume that, at once, looks both more like the comic books and more realistic. As many have pointed out, for a suit that's supposed to be (in many version of the mythology) alien in origin, this is the closest we've gotten to something that looks otherworldly.

Frequent GF5 commenter Buj pointed us in the direction of an article by Rick Marshall of titled 5 Important Things About The New 'Man Of Steel' Image that's well worth reading if you want geekery on the costume. Other articles worth checking out include this one by Hero Complex and this one by iFanboy.