I don’t crave having that site be the forum for where I put my thoughts. Here’s a funny trick for finding where people want to do stuff: it’s where they’re doing it.

—Merlin Mann, “Beagle Removal Service.”

I used to have this line in my bio that I was really proud of, something about how I’ve been blogging since 1999. But here’s the thing: who gives a shit?

I haven’t enjoyed blogging in a good goddamned while, and you could tell, couldn’t you? If you really wanted me—the real me, not some manufactured personal brand I was wearing like a cheap Halloween mask—you found it on Twitter or Facebook or maybe even Tumblr.

So, frak my mission to bring back online all of my blogs of the past. And to hell with this “voice” I’ve been trying to develop here. I’m taking advantage of how easy Squarespace makes it to start over and I’m beginning anew.

Let’s have some fun, huh?