Furry Fashion for the Future

by Heidi Parton

Attention all cosplayers and fans of anthropomorphic cuteness: behold the Necomimi, a robotic headband with motile cat ears that respond to the wearer’s brainwaves. When you’re calm, the ears bend forward; when you concentrate, the ears flick up. They also twitch and rotate individually in response to other thoughts and emotions, just like a cat’s. Check it out in the video below.

Set to be released at the end of this year, these kitty ears come in white/pink and black/white color combos and are the first products from the new Japanese company Neurowear, which seeks to bridge the gap between fashion and technology and make sci-fi style a reality. Neurowear states that their goal is to “develop fashion items and gadgets using brain waves and other biosensor[s] with ‘Augumented Human Body’ as the concept.”

While “augmented human body” sounds a little Doc Ock-creepy to me, I have to say I’m pretty fascinated by the ears and the possibilities such an invention opens up for costuming in the future. I’m envisioning wings that unfold when the wearer feels elated, or Wolverine-like retractable claws that extend from gloves when triggered by anxiety or irritation. What other products can you imagine might come from the mad scientists at Neurowear? What would you like to see created? And how ready do you think the world is for robo-fashion?