Geek Force Five for Kindle

Geek Force Five: Volume One is now available for Kindle.

Yeah, I said it wouldn’t happen, but I was being an asshole and an Apple snob and I wasn’t thinking things through. A month later, I’ve come to my senses.

Despite my desires to turn Geek Force Five into a multimedia anthology, to make the “multimedia” part its differentiating factor, I have to look at the cold, hard facts (as I was claiming to do in that previous post):

  1. iBooks, while theoretically great for multimedia, is not available to the vast majority of the reading public. It may be some day, but it’s not now. The fully featured version of the program is available only for iPad and Mac, with the version for iPhone and iPod effectively crippled, given its inability to open iBooks Author-produced content.
  2. I have received zero—zero—multimedia submissions, aside from the audio version of “Happy Ending 2.0” that Jim Kelly gave me for Volume One and a single audio submission, which wasn’t up to snuff.
  3. I am a short story guy. I write short stories, I teach people how to write short stories, and they are my favorite thing in the world to read. Not that I shouldn’t expand eventually, but why not focus on my strengths while starting out?

Many people tried to tell me this when I posted about my decision last month, but I didn’t listen. I’m listening now. If I truly want to serve my writers as best I can, I cannot artificially limit our readership for reasons that are no longer valid.

So, you can now get Geek Force Five on your Kindle. Soon, I hope, you’ll be able to get it on Google Play and Nook and elsewhere.

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