The previously announced publication schedule for Geek Force Five has been impacted, as I hope you can understand, by the death of my grandmother. But productivity has not been stalled on the GF5 front. Far from it, in fact.

Back in May, just before Grandma’s passing, I visited Kboards, a Kindle enthusiasts message board, to speak with the authors there about their best practices for increasing sales and visibility. I took away some valuable lessons from the conversations I had, and it’s come time to apply those lessons learned to Geek Force Five.

That is why I am proud to announce that, beginning in June, Geek Force Five is going monthly. Instead of five stories per issue, we will focus on one; instead of charging $3.99 per issue, we will charge $0.99; and instead of paying 10% of the profits to the author, since now there will be only one author featured per issue, we will pay 70%.

My first hope is that, with a lower price/barrier to entry, more folks will be encouraged to check out the stories we’re selecting. My second hope is that, with a higher volume of works under the Geek Force Five banner, each of them more focused on one story (and therefore one genre), we’ll stand more of a chance of attracting a diverse audience who will then consider picking up other issues.

Down the line, my hope is to raise enough money through Clarkwoods’ 30% cut that we can reinstate the five-story version of Geek Force Five as an annual anthology of the best stuff published in the monthly edition, complete with the $50 upfront payment we began with a year ago.

A side-note related to that front: Clarkwoods will forfeit its share of all Geek Force Five profits until we have paid out $50 to each of the contributors from Volume Two and Volume Three (Volume One contributors have already received their $50 upfront payment and will be receiving 10% of the profits from copies of their issue sold.)

So, that’s that. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via our Contact form, or via Twitter, where I’m @ecc1977.