"Geek Force Five: Volume Two" On Sale

Geek Force Five: Volume Two is on sale this week for just ninety-nine cents. That’s right, one buck for five stories! And, remember, it’s available for multiple platforms now. You can get it for iPad/Mac, Kindle, Nook, as a PDF, or through the Google Play or Scribd stores.

Still not convinced? Here’s a brief description:

A girl who can afford to change history, a genie born of a bar of soap, a modern Dracula who isn't a vampire in any traditional sense, and a tale of murder, corpse removal, and scary movies!

This anthology features "Dandelion Girl" by Caren Gussoff, "Jean Genie" by Anna Tizard, "Ideal Reader" by Jake Walters, "Dracula" by Mark Mazzenga, and "Womb Envy" by S. MacLeod, with stunning visual art by Sheri L. Wright.

So, go buy it! And, once you do, please help us spread the word by leaving a review in the store of your choice and by linking it up everywhere you can. Thanks!

NewsE. Christopher Clark