Help Fund a Creative Writing Program for Underprivileged Writers (and You, Too, if You'd Like Write!)

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I write to entertain a diverse audience of saucy oddballs hungry to read about characters and stories as distinct as they are.

In the words of the fictional novelist Q, a character from the film Wonder Boys, "I… am A Writer."

But I am also a teacher. I've been teaching at the college level since 2007, having created courses for my university in Advanced Short Fiction, Genre Fiction, and more.

When I teach, both at the school where I still work and in my own private practice, my aim is to help folx from all walks of life to tell their own stories. I want to help them tell the stories that only they can tell.

This year, 2019, my goal is to help more writers than I ever have before.

Each Friday, right here on Clarkwoods, I'll release a new lesson on creative writing for the low, low price of FREE.

Support me on Patreon to directly fund this effort. There are writers out there from underprivileged communities who can't afford a traditional creative writing education. Help me help them!

And if you're interested in my books and stories, then hold on to your butts! Patrons get to read every new story I publish one week early. And patrons get a copy of my new book each fall.

In 2019, that book will be a novel called Exquisite Corpse. And it’s just as inspired by the seminal 1985 film Weird Science as it is by the early 20th century parlor game from which I borrowed its name.

It’s got spunky sex workers, resurrected rock stars, the ghost of a lion tamer, and a couple of very cunning linguists.

Become a patron today and you’ll help make my next book happen! And you'll help developing writers—maybe even you—learn to write the books that only they (and you?) can write!

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