J.K. Rowling Descended from a Long Line of Single Moms


Our fearless leader, E. Christopher Clark, is a sometime genealogist, and a big fan of the U.S. version of the British television series Who Do You Think You Are? He is also, as longtime readers of GF5 know, a huge Harry Potter fan. So, it should come as no surprise that he has us geeking out about the fact that Potter scribe J.K. Rowling will be profiled on the British version of the show. Here's a bit from The Telegraph about what Rowling discovered about her ancestry:

The novelist learnt during her research for the programme that her great-grandmother, Lizzie, her great-great-grandmother, Salomé, and her great-great-great-grandmother, Christine, raised their children alone.

Her maternal grandmother, Louisa, is also believed to have been born out of wedlock.

Now, there's no guarantee that we'll ever see this stateside, but there is a precedent (in the form of Kim Cattrall) for a profile originally featured on the British programme turning up eventually on the U.S. program. So, here's hoping!

Via Hypable