Nine Great Things About Comics Right now


Our comics coverage lags behind coverage of other topics for a number of reasons. The big publishers have priced us out of being regular buyers, for one thing. But, more importantly, there's so much bitching in comics news circles that we have a hard time finding stuff that's honestly geekout-worthy.

That's why we were so glad to come across this great piece by iFanboy's Josh Flanagan, "Why So Serious? Nine Great Things in Comics Right Now!"

Among the nine things Flanagan brings to our attention is the great art of Phil Noto, and we couldn't agree more with Flanagan's assessment that "Noto's art makes clouds part." We've included an awesome poster he did for X-Men: First Class above, but do click through to Noto's site for great renditions of Wonder Woman, The Clash, and THX 1138.