Nine Kinks Songs that Could be Movies

by Jon Frazier

OK, I know it’s kind of cheating to re-post another blog post, but I’m going on vacation tomorrow so I’m going to do it anyway. Also, I think The Droid You’re Looking For has a great idea here: “Nine Kinks Songs That Could Be Movies.”

As you (should) know, I love The Kinks. They started indie rock on the path that it walks today. You can’t beat their crazy yet somehow profound lyrics, and simple tunes.  Also, I like this because I’ve entwined The Kinks with Wes Anderson because of his use of their songs in film.

Follow the link for Droid’s nine picks for The Kinks songs that should be movies. Personally, I want to see Lola: The Movie. (and no, Tootsie doesn’t count). Check it out and comment below.

Jon Frazier is a writer and filmmaker on vacation in Washington DC through Sunday. Feel free to break into his home and steal whatever worthless crap you like. Please. There’s plenty to go around.