One January Morning, Part 30

She is being tossed around by the sea, tossed as hard as the man who took her eye once tossed her. Maybe harder. It is only as she nears the coastline that she notices she is naked, save her eyepatch and her tricorne. And it is at that moment, as she sees the man on shore, a woman clinging to each of his arms, it is at that moment that she understands. She will have an opportunity here to change everything. And whether she takes that opportunity or not—on that decision rests the fate of the world. The waves slap her silly one last time and her world fades to black. What she does when she wakes to find herself in the backseat of his car—that is everything.

To be concluded…

This month, January 2015, I’m telling one story day-by-day, inspired by cards from the Writer Emergency Pack. To read the next paragraph a day early, support me on Patreon.