Papercuts Poetry

  Photo by  Clem Onojeghuo

Having just received my copy of “Papercuts: A Party Game for the Rude and Well-Read,” and still recovering from a cold and the end of the semester, I am taking the easy way out this week and sharing with you a poem crafted from the game’s decks of cards. Enjoy!

An Ayn Rand devotee
grows in Brooklyn, reciting
angsty teen poetry
when he is not perusing
Anna Karenina’s Ashley Madison profile
or reading autoerotic autofiction
written by Atticus Finch
before he was racist.

One of the poems reads:
“Balzac’s ballsack is
as hard to find as
a good man in a
Bechdel test.”

Another goes:
“All happy Big Brothers are alike;
each unhappy bird pooping on
Jonathan Franzen is unhappy
in its own way.”

“Are you there for me, Ayn?”
asks the angsty Brooklyn boy.
“It’s me, Alfred.
I’ve got one about
a blooming tree
as a metaphor for
the female orgasm.”

“Ayn?” he says.

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