Returning to Old Work - Jim Lee Redraws Rogue


Jim Lee is applying his "since evolved style" to something he drew for the first time nearly twenty years ago. In this piece published on his Gelatometti blog, he writes about recapturing the scene of Rogue trapped in the Savage Land in Uncanny X-Men #269.

I bring this up here, on this writing blog, not only because Jim Lee is a huge inspiration for me, but also, more generally, because I think that he provides a valuable lesson for us. Sometimes the stories we tell deserve to be retold, once we've gained new perspective, once we've gotten better at telling stories in general. Lee is redrawing something he drew in 1990. Every once in a while, why don't we all make a pledge to look back at something we finished (or abandoned) long ago, and see if we can't dust it off and make something new out of it? I think it would be good for us.