Say "Hello" to The Cover of GEEK FORCE FIVE #5

I’m proud to announce that a story by up and coming author Brendan Flaherty will feature in Geek Force Five #5, which will be released Tuesday, August 26, 2014 in print and as an eBook.

“Hello” introduces Benjamin S. Marshall, an assassin who will work for anyone, so long as the cash is good. Feared and respected by both the mob and its enemies, he seems a nigh invincible figure until a curse from his days serving in the U.S. military comes back to haunt him.

Flaherty’s issue is the second in Geek Force Five’s now-monthly release slate, following the stellar piece of space fantasy by Ilana Wilson, “Beneath Metal and Bone,” that was featured in issue #4. Stay tuned for an announcement soon on the author who’ll be featured in issue #6. Geek Force Five is going strong, and now is the perfect time to hop on board.

NewsE. Christopher Clark