Showers For Gary Coleman

The showers at UMaine are built for midgets. The single greatest observation of my weekend, I will assure you. Tori and Stef warned me as I set off for the absolutely disgusting men's room (okay, well it wasn't as mortifying as all that, but you have to allow me some artistic license here, okay?) but this was worse than I could have imagined. These showers were built for people like my first two ex-girlfriends, who were 4'11" and 5'1" respectively (though not in that order… ugh, semantics.) I mean, I could have been kneeling and the shower still would have hit me no higher than my chest, if that. I have no idea how people shower like that on a regular basis. That, plus the water pressure was unreal. Totally, absolutely, way too fucking hard… That shit would have torn a leper to bits… Was that funny? I am beginning to think it wasn't. Maybe I should edit it.

Aside from the showers, and the atrocious heat, which probably wasn't that atrocious, but was at least mildly uncomfortable having just come from a farm by the bay… aside from all that, our stay at UMaine was pretty damn spiffy. Tori enticed me into buying wine coolers (because they are basically the only kind of alcohol I can stand the taste of in high volumes… well that and Midori, but I don't think the little convenience store at the gas station carried that…) so that she might perhaps get me drunk, a favorite activity of hers, (actually a four year long quest that finally saw it's fruition at the Christ cast-party.) It didn't work. We sat up and drank though and reminisced, and it was great fun. We talked about how pissed off Suzanne was gonna be that I didn't go visit her in Skowhegan, where she's shacking up as of late. We got the grand tour of Orono, which was very enthralling… I'm serious… It really was… I have no idea why Tori gets so lonely up there… What really got me was that it wasn't a ghost town, that it actually had a McDonalds, and a Taco Bell, and two bars and all the other standard College Town hoopla. The way Andy described it to me once—I swear I had this picture in my head of this desolate wasteland of snow and trees and absolutely no civilization within a hundred mile radius that's sole form of entertainment was a truck stop on the outskirts of town.

I was very disappointed.

So now, added to the evergrowing list of things that I am responsible for, is the search for an apartment. Stef and I originally accepted the offer to stay at the 'rents house because I still didn't have a job, and we wanted to save up, and it was free… Now the cramped space of a room, down the even more cramped alcove we call a hallway is beginning to feel, well, cramped. Stef, who I think was an interior decorator in another life, has really had to bury that instinct, and cramp (Why can't I come up with another word? I'm supposed to be this great writer aren't I, and I can't even come up with another word for cramp! UGH!) into this space. Besides, I can tell my Dad is starting to get edgy. He always does when I'm here for extended periods of time. I really think that there is this part of him that thinks I should have been out on my own long before now, which really is hypocritical 'cause he's still livin' in his parents' house. I don't know… the vibe is all wrong. I love the 'rents, John, and Grandma… I love this place, but I really need some space of my own. I had that for four years living in the Cluster Houses and Townhouses at school. I got used to having some space of my own, and so its tough for me too, though I don't appreciate nearly as much the right to decorate, as evidenced by the cleanliness of the room this week with Stef off at Rookie Camp for work.

Geocities has alloted me enough space to basically do one more entry. It sucks. I have always been behind Geocities. They have always, for the most part, been a very reliable and easy to work with web page provider, save the annoying fucking popups. But due partly to the fact that I don't feel like making up another identity to get myself yet another Geocities page so that I have room for this site, and partly due to the fact that ever since the merger with Yahoo!, Geocities has pretty much sucked my ass in terms of how often I am able to get into my site and edit and such… Problems abound… I hope they get their act together soon. I think they are a great place for a webpage person like myself to start off… But as they say, to everything turn turn turn… It's time for a change.

I got my own domain.

I'm not going to let you in on the address yet because basically along with the new site comes (hopefully) a brand new layout, which I have yet to complete except on paper. I have to go through and recode everything to rip out all the banner ads and such, plus I've just gotten sick of the black background… its so blase and everyone seems to be doing it. At least Andy and Aylin do something interesting with theirs involving tables and whatnot… I mean I like the look of the site don't get me wrong, but my inner artiste is crying for a change...

Lots of change… the music… the page… the apartment…

Stay tuned. You never know what might happen next.