Some Time Off

I turned 37 last weekend, and I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed in the wake of that. This semester—this year—has been a bear, and getting older in the midst of all that has taken its toll.

Yes, there have been happy milestones. The Stone Wife (Geek Force Five #6) has been selling like crazy. I got to hike a 4,000-footer on my birthday and take in a great show with my wife the night before. But the weight of my many responsibilities has come crashing down on me hard. Something had to give, and it was this blog.

When I missed last week’s Family Friday, I thought it might be a fluke. But when I couldn’t get a We Read column together yesterday—one of the simplest regular features I write—that’s when I knew life was trying to tell me something.

I need a little break from the blog, folks. My hope is that my day off on Monday (Columbus Day) will help me get things back on track, but I don’t want to make any promises.

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