Sorted Biographically

I finished the first draft of my new story the other night, the one I shared bits of last week and the week before. Thankfully, this gives me time to give it at least a once-over before sharing it right here next week.

To tide you over until then, here's another excerpt:

Michael sits at my desk while I scour my bookshelves for one of my two copies of the book I’ve been thinking about all evening. His feet propped up on my filing cabinet, he leans back into the thick, scuffed leather of my swivel chair and runs his fingers over my computer’s trackpad. I try not to pay any attention to the puddle of dirty water pooling beneath his boots and growing ever so slightly in the direction of my printer. I try too not to think about what folders he might be scrolling through on my hard drive and what he might find there.

He asks me, “Wouldn’t it be under D?”

“They’re not sorted alphabetically,” I say.

He laughs, shakes his head.

“What?” I say.

“It never ceases to amaze me,” he says.

“What?” I say again.

“Your ability to turn every aspect of your life into a tribute, a pastiche, or an homage.”

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