Tattly: Playful and Creative

by Kara Kaloplastos

I’m really loving the idea of Tattly, a temporary tattoo store that focuses on tattoos created by designers including Frank Chimero, Jessica Hische (whose “Bezier Girl” is seen above), and Chris Glass. Although it was created with kids in mind, this is not one of the reasons for my raving about it. I see the cute and clever tattoo designs as another fresh and innovative way to apply art in the form of a new medium. We see this happening often. For instance, over the past several years, removable wall decals have made a huge splash. They seemed to have popped up in every Target department store across the country, just begging attention from college students during fall dormitory move-in season. Tattly is another way to accessorize and experiment without permanency. In the same way that we put on a shade of makeup or hang a poster on our bedroom wall, Tattly offers another fun means of accessorizing our lives and finding creative expression (without the pain or regret) for both kids and “adults” alike.