Teaser of the Teaser for THE AVENGERS

Just before we went on vacation last week, we had the chance to catch Captain America: The First Avenger. A proper review is coming soon, but let's just say that we dug it a lot. And one of the parts we dug the most was the post-credits tease it gave of next summer's The Avengers. We first brought to you a low-res version of this a couple of weeks ago, and we were hoping that Marvel would be good enough to put the whole thing online, but alas, all they have given us is this teaser of the teaser.

We say that you should just go out and see Cap and experience the whole thing for yourself. But, if you can't do that, do check out the teaser of the teaser. It's enough to get you excited for next summer, maybe even a tad too excited, if you know what we mean.